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It was just one of those matches where the opposition was better Fielding was poor SA did not score enough runs SA should have bowled first The Proteas lacked spirit and drive (were complacent) Bowling was not disciplined enough

India, England, Pakistan, South Africa India, Sri Lanka, Australia, South Africa New Zealand, Australia, Pakistan, West Indies West Indies, England, Pakistan, New Zealand

He will make a decent return, nothing extraordinary Without doubt, yes No, Tendulkar's acreer is close to finished Not sure

Yes, good move. This will be the re-birth of Sourav in the post-captaincy era No, this is justindicating a false lifeline Not sure

playstation 3 trophies wouldn't make a great difference to the gaming experience Yes, with achievements to boast about it would make playstation games all the more interesting

Yes, is the best website providing details into all the matches No, is not the best site for all the queries related to tennis Can't say